1 Flat to 2 Flat conversion



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Hi all, I was hoping someone might be able to offer some advice or best options for my development project.

The project is simply to convert my residential 2 bed flat into 2 separate properties (with the aid of an extension) into one 2 bed flat and one 1 bed flat.

I have all the planning permission and building regs approved, still in the process of trying to arrange finance as a bridging loan seems too expensive at the moment.

However my main query is with an existing mortgage on the property, how to go about the best way to formally create separate titles I would need to do this to officially class them as separate units.

I know I could get a bridging loan and pay off the mortgage, do the works and then create separate titles and re-mortgage or sell however a bridging loan for £350k gets really expensive.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!!!


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I suspect that the existing mortgage company will have something to say about all this! If you leave it until later to tell them what you are doing / have done they will probably be pretty upset and could cause you a loot of trouble. Your best bet would presumably be to ask them for the money you need as they are going to need to be kept informed anyway and might give you the loan as they already have an interest in the property. Without their agreement the price of the bridging loan could be the least of your money worries as they could ask for the existing mortgage to be repaid if you start changing things without their agreement. Be a bit careful with this. Some companies won't want to get involved with anything speculative, others won't mind so much. Try to find out whether they are likely to play ball before your tell them what is going on by doing some web research. Perhaps you should approach a new company with the proposal and ask for the funds to support the whole project and existing mortgage in case the existing company get cold feet and leave you high and dry. Just a thought.