1 bed room in International City

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I am looking to invest in 1 bed room apt in Internation city, does anyone know any reliable agency? what are the resonable prices for studio or 1 bed room?
is int city good place to buy?

thanks for the help


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Hi Dilya,

Int City in near future is good for longer term investment.

value of the property is steady growing. once u invested u had ready leasing client to cash income back to ur account.

price is depend on the location of different cluster.

average aproxx aed 400,000 onwards for a studio
average aproxx aed 590,000 onwards for 1 bedroom

pm me if u want to know more


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Dear Dilya,

Yes, The International City is one of the best projects to invest in.

One bedroom, Studio and two bed room apartments are easily available in your desired location.

If you are interested please do let me know your complete requirement and I will send you the informations accordingly.

Best regards,

Usman Dodhy


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This may sound like a lot of money to invest. But the opportunities far outweigh the costs. You are going to find a lot of business in such a speedily growing economy. The whole world is frustrated over the rising oil prices and the increasing demand in China and India, but all of this is to the advantage of businesses in Dubai.

I for one will definitely invest in property in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. This is where the future is. Just take a look at the stats on Dubai and Abu Dhabi!


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You should be able to get a studio in the region of £50,000 and a one bed around £70,000.

Have a look around for deals with a deposit required and then nothing to pay until completion with finance available.

The International City is a good reliable investment - low investment costs with potential for good rental returns.
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