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Aug 9, 2015
    1. Susan Emmett
      Susan Emmett
      Hi Debbie,

      As I mentioned before, I am writing a feature for the property pages of the Sunday Times about British people who have been left in the lurch when buying property abroad.

      I'm told by solicitors and mortgage brokers that many buyers are running into difficulties because developers are not delivering on their promises. Some of it is a direct result of the credit crunch but some simply a matter of oversupply and a fall in demand.

      I would very much like to speak to somebody about their experiences in Turkey as well as other countries.

      If you are planning to put together an action group, the publicity might help bring forward more people.

      Do let me know if you or anybodyelse is interested. I would need about 20 minutes on the phone. I can be reached on 0775 361 4679.


      Susan Emmett

      P.S. I have been a journalist for over 10 years and have been writing about Property for the best part of that time. I used to help edit Bricks and Mortar at The Times but have been freelance for two years now. I also write for The Telegraph as well as the Times and ST. If you google my name and property in Times online, you can see the sort of stuff I write.
    2. arcos67
      yes I can see it now
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