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Apr 3, 2010
Dec 19, 2007
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queenie40something was last seen:
Apr 3, 2010
    1. Peter Mitry
      Peter Mitry
      Hi Alison can you help me fix my 'Signature' please? I have forgotten how to do it. Many thanks,
    2. Real Estate
      Real Estate
      I upgraded to a premium member and still my posts doesn't show on the forum can I know why please?

    3. Peter Mitry
      Peter Mitry
      Hi Alison how are things with you? I have completely forgotten how to change my signature and, as you can see, it is a mess! Can you send me a set of instructions please so that I can do it again. Many thanks!
    4. mgsteveb
      Hi there, would you know off hand the cost to connect electricity to a new build in Hurghada, or sharm.


    5. jojo
      Hi Queenie

      Is there a section on the sight for people to browse owners apartments that are available to rent for when we need to visit Sharm and need to stay somewhere?

      I am looking to go out in June for a few days and can find the flights but would prefer to be in a private apartment than a hotel so we can get the feel for what our apartment would be like when its ready. It gives you a better idea of space and furniture and ideas of what to do in your own apartment i think.

      Ive been on the villarenters and owners direct sites but theres not many listed to choose from.

    6. Leo en Manon
      Leo en Manon
      Hello queenie

      can you please give me an answer to the questions I raised? Thanks in advance

    7. wanderlust
      Hi Quennie,
      Hope alls well with you and Happy New Year.
      I wonder if you can advise me on something . I believe you have purchased in Sharm ? If I am correct can you tell me if you have heard of the

      Maraqia Resort, Sharm el Sheikh

      I have asked some questions of the Agent, response below, just researching at the minute so will contact Zeiad if decide to take it any further but good news if he has done the DD.

      The name of the developer and names of other developments that they have finished

      A. Ola/Essam/Hamada Fayoumi and they finished on in Hadaba (Royal Club) but it is for rent only and it is used as our show room with finished units and penthouses

      Due Diligence been undertaken, if so by whom

      A. Completed by Lawyer Mr. Zeiad Yehia. I have sent this Lawyer an email requesting the DD report.

      I have been sent info re studios that are available , but as I dont know the area was wondering if you knew it at all?

      Thanks a lot
      Kind Regards
    8. Leo en Manon
      Leo en Manon
      Hello Queenie

      do you know why my post on the RSR forum has been removed?


    9. dave99
      The last post by this member monal1sa - on my thread for Red Sea Residencia is obviously malicious and needs to be removed please.
    10. Leo en Manon
      Leo en Manon
      Hi Queenie

      I understood from the forum that you have a translated copy of the tax registration form? Can you sent me one? or upload somewhere on the forum?

      Thanks in advance

    11. queenie40something
      Hi all no dont think so - can you give me an example to look into please x
    12. Alan Cockayne
      Alan Cockayne
      Hi Alison.

      I've noticed some posts are getting hi-jacked in the typing by advertisers.

      Key words are highlighted when posted on a thread leading to readers being re-directed.

      Is this a new thing or pirating by outsiders?

    13. Leo en Manon
      Leo en Manon
      Hello Queenie

      Last weeks I have received some e-mail notifications regarding posts on the Red Sea Residencia thread. When I look into the thread there is no new post. I saw a post earlier from someone but it has been removed. I don't know why because there was no abusive language but a question about some services which the developper want to withold.

      Some issues have come up the last week with this developper and I think this forum is intended to share information in an open and honest way. I have seen some posts on for instance "the british resort" with complaints and questions regarding that development.

      Why is this not possible for the Red Sea Residencia thread?

      Personally I would not bring up an issue via the internet but handle it directly with the developper, but if someone asks for information on the thread about the issues that are definatly there, should this questin remain un answered or even removed from the thread?

      kind regards

    14. Johnsons
      Hi Alison, Any news on the Oasis Resort Forum yet? I am going over next week and there was some usful information I was going to copy off this week. Now it is worse than not knowing because I know the info and help is there! Rod :-)
    15. chris lister
      chris lister
      Hi do you know where the Iraida Oasis Resort thread has gone?
    16. welsh janet
      welsh janet
      Hi Queenie,
      Thanks for your message will be in touch nearer the time your over here again.
      My mum arrives on the 15 Dec for Christmas so will be looking forward to seeing her as well, she's 81 but fitter tan me lol,
      Bye for now,
    17. welsh janet
      welsh janet
      Hi Queenie its welsh janet here do you fancy meeting up for a coffee or drink sometime in the day, it would be an exscuse for me to get out of the office lol.
      If your to busy dont worry.
      Bye for now,
    18. layangardens
      Hi Queenie
      Where you from ?
      im originally born in scarborough, lived in singapore, leeds for on and off 20 years and now living and working selling properties in Phuket Thailand, which is a dream.Hard workbut rewarding.
      Love the pic, where was it taken

    19. SuziQ2708
      Welcome home Alison. Good to hear you had a nice holiday, even though you had some issues, I'm sure you'll get them sorted :)
    20. annethedonn
      Hi Alison, did you manage to sort out those pictures for me of your kitchen? I have some of the bodge they made on ours if you want to see any! Would you know how we go about getting the money back as the rep in the UK has spoken to them and told them to refund us, but nothing has been forthcoming and then never answer the phone or hang up!

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