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May 18, 2011
Jan 14, 2008
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May 18, 2011
    1. bectony
      Hi Noushkey

      i was woundering what had happened to the pyramids beach thread too.

      Have you bought there?? i have......
    2. simmo1
      Hi Noushkey, All the links seemed to have disappeared however noticed you queried Pyramids Beach? Did you end up there? as I have. About to receive the revised contract next wednesday - Cheers
    3. noushkey
      Hi Simmo, apologies, i have only just seen your message. Your predication was correct about WWD. I have swapped from Pearl Vista which is no longer being built to Pyramids Beach which is being built on the same deveopment and by El Riad. I did try Philip Morris but he never came back to me so I gave up. Back to the drawing board for me!
    4. simmo1
      Hi Noushkey,
      I used Philip Morris who is very good however needs a push every now and then (like all solicitors I suppose) he picked up on a couple of points which he had amended but one thing I will say is that WWD publish poor contracts of which I found 19 anomalies and I am not even a solictor - What are your thoughts of WWD I find then dreadfully bad re communication/updates/clarity of information I personally do not think they will even exist come end 09 purely down to a number of strange events that have occured in late 08.
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