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Apr 15, 2011
Jan 15, 2010
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Apr 15, 2011
    1. rumbaba
      rumbaba is where we can continue our forum. Please spread the word!
    2. CMChris
      We're going to Sahl Hasheesh a week tomorrow and I'm taking my property contract, photocopies of passports and the forms I downloaded. You will also need photocopies of your visa. I'm on the wrong computer to send you the link, I'll do that later, for the tax forms. You need to go to the Property Tax Office in Hurghada, any decent taxi driver (I can give you a safe and reliable taxi driver if you need 1) and I have heard they will fill in the forms for you in Arabic for a small 'donation' of 50LE if you want to offer it, free otherwise. You will get a receipt for the form then its down to the Tax people to sort it out from there. Don't use United Lawyers for anything, I've met the man and he's not reliable.
      Regards Christine
    3. rumbaba
      Hi Mussa1

      I saved the UK agent fees by going through an agent in Hurghada which is about 2k.

      I went through classica group. Just google them. They are based in Hurghada and were very good.
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