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Mar 4, 2013
Mar 3, 2007
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manor park

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Mar 4, 2013
    1. manor park
      manor park
      The situation with Tanjah is different, it was part of the reservation agreement that you could get your money back up to exchange of contracts (which has still not happened) that is quite unusual so I am sure your contracts would not be the same at all.

      Even with Tangah, if you did not complete after exchange you would lose your deposit.

      Sorry I cant be of more help
    2. debseason
      Are you able to give me examples of the people who got their money back, as we are discussing ways of getting ours back with a solicitor and that information would be very useful.

      many thanks.
    3. debseason
      It's a long story, but my partner invested over £30K in a property in Morocco (he was lied to by the sales men of the property company we bought through)and then the mortgage companies let him down, by dragging their feet and he was also messed about by the property company, in which he bought through. The whole thing was a mess. We have spent a bit on legal fees so far and have only got as far as getting a solicitor to scrutinise the contracts, (as we had solicitors backing out on us). We have one last hope, one solicitor is looking at the contract again, as the developer may have breached the dates in which the property should have been ready, so a very strong worded letter could be sent to the developer. My partner has no work coming in now and is himself an Architect, so he has no finances to back him up. He is at a loss, where to go from here and given hope by solicitors, only to be disappointed again.

      I can forward my email to you?
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