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May 6, 2008
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El Gouna
Freelance writer and photographer for El Gouna mag

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New Member, from El Gouna

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Feb 7, 2014
    1. rumbaba
      rumbaba is where we can continue our forum. Please spread the word!
    2. Georgina
      This is a copy of a post I made recently. Rates are from banks in El Gouna. For sure you get the best interest with EGP but the exchange rate is so low at the moment to change it into EGP.

      Just been checking the current interest rates today at the banks in El Gouna:

      National Bank of Oman
      Egyptian Pound 8.50%
      Sterling 4% min. 300 GBP to open account

      I have my money with NBO and HSBC. No online banking with NBO but interest rates always much higher. This is for their savings account, instant access.

      Egyptian Pound 7.77% yearly
      Sterling 2.915%

      Egyptian Pound 6.50%
      Sterling 3.63% min. 1,000 GBP to open

      Bank Misr
      Egyptian Pound 8.25% yearly
      Sterling 4.18%

      Noticed they have a new branch in El Kawser district of Hurghada. Rang their central helpline number.
      Egyptian Pound 6.25% with min LE200,000
      Egyptian Pound 5.63% with LE10,000
      Sterling 2%

      Although NBO does not give online banking for Egypt I remember being able to check the balance at a Barclays cash point in the UK few years ago.
    3. dougaldon
      Hi Georgina, i wonder if you could tell me what interest rates you can get now in Hurghada,
      also is it better to open a bak account with EGP rather than GBP for the best interest
      Regards Don
    4. Organics1
      Hi Georgina, I'm so sorry for the delay in coming back to you but I have just realised that you actually responded (first time I tried getting in contact this way). It's El Gouna i'm interested in but we're still deciding when to come out. Oh, these messages are private. All the best, Tamer
    5. Organics1
      Hi Georgina, Hope you're well. As you know we (My Mother, Brother and I) are considering a move to Hurghada from Portugal. We are thinking of coming out between October the 8th to 18th to hopefully get a feel for things. I was wondering if you'd be around as it would be great to meet with someone who's made the move and has been there for over four years now. Please let me know, Kind regards, Tamer
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    Freelance writer and photographer for El Gouna mag

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