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Nov 20, 2007
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distant dreamer

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Apr 10, 2011
    1. rumbaba
      makadi.lefora.com is where we can continue our forum. Please spread the word!
    2. distant dreamer
      distant dreamer
      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your messages. I've had one quote that came within the range you quoted, but someone else told me it should only cost around £100! Anyway, thanks for the advice, I will bear it in mind!

    3. Alan Cockayne
      Alan Cockayne

      I'm sending this in 2 messages.

      You will find many posts commenting on legal fees. You can see signiture validity (transfer of unit ownership document from developer to yourself) charges are around £350 to £600 for a local lawyer.

      However, it is for the most basic work. You may find fees build up after one is hired. i.e. for power of attorney work done in your absence. To allow this without stating in writing "what you specifically want doing" and a price for it, is asking for huge bills at the end.

      Now Developers ask buyers to go through their local lawyer. In the past this sometimes leads to trouble as you have little recourse after you sign an Egyptian version without having it truely validated in your own language. Some even add their fees even if you don't use them, so an independent lawyer is advisable. There are UK ones to help, especially when it assists in secured money transfers.

      Kind regards.
      Alan Cockayne
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