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Jan 27, 2011
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Bob the builder

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. JMBroad
      Hi Bob - not sure if I replied to this or not - I've only just spotted it as it's a public message rather than private and I don't check these very often but just in case;

      If you have a signed contract with a company in Brazil and receipts for payments from the Brazilian company then you can take legal action against the Brazilian company (assuming you have a reason to take legal action against them in the first place). For this you'll need a Brazilian lawyer.

      If you have a signed contract in English (not in Portuguese) with a UK company and the receipts of payment are from a UK company as well but all of the above mentioning land in Brazil, you first have to find out if they registered your purchase and sale contract with the Brazilian government. If the Brazilian government knows nothing about the sale, you may have a case against the UK company but there is nothing you can do in Brazil (this is basically your worst case scenario)

      Good luck
    2. justjoined
      Bob the Builder
      Good luck Bob ! way to go ! and to all the others with your quest against Kapital International, I'll be cheering you all on. cheers and hope you all win !
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