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Jun 18, 2011
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Apr 27, 2015
    1. mzanferrari
      Hi Bella,
      If I understood well you purchased a unit at Bosque da Praia through Pipa Natureza.
      Have you also signed the rental agreement with them?
      There is a unit available and I was thinking about buy it and use their rental scheme to make some profit.

      How is your experience with them so far?
      Would you recommend the investment?

      Thank you very much
      All the best,
    2. elma
      As standard starting procedure we are kindly asking owners to cover January to March monthly installments. Three months is the average minimum coverage applied in the region. As it was informed a few days ago, the value of the fix expenses during the first year for a 1 room house in Bosque da Praia is R$421/month, covering fix expenses at your unit, at the condominium and the investment made to set up common areas, garden and equipment.

      I was not given any breakdown..I do not know any other owners unfortunately.. but I am sure we can ask for breakdown. i will probably do all that while I am there.

      take care
    3. elma
      Hi Bella, I am in the same stage more or less, I have done the POA and I am in the process of signing the rental pool agreement. I am waiting for the new contracts though and the translation. I have sent the money for the 1st 3 months as requested.
      I am not very happy with the 18% commission and would like to know your thoughts about that. From what I know average is about 10%.

      I am visiting Pipa in February so I might know more about reservations etc at that time!
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