The Present Popularity of Morocco

This thread’s central theme revolves around the most desirable city to invest in Morocco. Most members gave their contribution on naming which city best suits their taste and interest. Members have based their opinion on Morocco’s business endeavors, transportation system, tourism and trade potential along with its culture, environment and nearby locations.

In addition to this, some members mentioned the fact that the government of Morocco has observed the country’s northern region is fast becoming under invested. This has come into alarming measures and has even triggered the government to bring great developments into this area. This is in order to serve as an excellent region for investment, economic growth, tourism, and leisure.

Moreover, in case one is considering to purchase a place in Morocco, this country’s economic status necessitates some deliberation. In reviewing Morocco’s current performance, it displays promising signs with regards to property investment. Moreover, major reforms have been implemented and have provided the country’s economy with positive results. This is by increasing the GDP in 2006 up to about 6.5 percent.

Furthermore, an analogous forecast is expected for Morocco within the coming years. With the country’s progress, foreign investment is truly encouraged. This would include investments on major developments. In addition to this, foreign direct investments are on the rise in Morocco.

Thus, the country is doing all it can to facilitate its trade and growth, especially with the United States and the EU. Finally, Morocco has launched financial reforms, which aim to improve credit availability, and this remains a vital aspect when investing on a property in the country.

In Morocco’s economy, the vital sector is its tourism component. With this, the government of Morocco is acute in promoting their country internationally. In order to bring this to completion, the Moroccan government has carefully made investments on infrastructures that are associated with tourism, thus making this its top priority.

In fact, Morocco’s “Azure Plan and Vision 2010” aspire to further improve tourist numbers that visit Morocco. This is through investing in facilities, services, and transportation, which is considered as another advantage in the country’s property investment.

Visitor figures in Morocco have greatly increased by 43 percent during the first half of 2007. With this, the figure in itself is a promising standard for investors who are planning to take on Morocco.

At present, with the properties in Marrakech as its forefront, the property market in Morocco is quietly reaching its peak. As a matter of fact, Morocco’s property investment has been growing greatly over the past few years. In addition to this, the real estate market of the county has experienced a 75 percent increase since the year 2001.

Plus, European and Dubai developers are currently investing in the country. This is with Marrakech as their primary focus. Thus, Morocco’s luxury homes are currently flourishing in the property industry.



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  1. I've put a site together with my experiences over the last three years and have a new unit completed in the last 12 months which has risen in value by around 100% and still cheap in real terms

    Mortgages are available build quality is good and the weather culture and cost of living are hard to beat

    Richard Chapman

  2. What awful English! An interesting article ruined by inappropriate language and clumsy grammar. must have native English speakers that could proof read this kind of published article. If not, I'll do it for them!

    I do agree with the sentiment of the article that Morocco is a good bet. For my money, the Tangier area is the place to head for. There is a massive amount of investment in infrastructure and the creation of jobs through Free Zones and the new container port, not to mention the possibility of a tunnel. I still have concerns about the future popularity of Saidia due to the issues of access. In my opinion Fez and Casablanca will ride on the back of interest in the Tangier area.


  3. Yeah, I'd agree Morocco a great bet. We've seen prices increase by up to 20% per annum over the past couple of years.

    As mentioned by Ricky, the infrastructure's getting cash and also the booming tourism tourist is attracting loads of investment and governement interest.

    Personally, I'd reccommend either Tangier port, Essoura or Agadir.

  4. country still doing well with GDP levels still over 5% no real banking crisis affecting lending either lots of good bargains still to be had


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