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by Mark Benson on October 1, 2013

Thank you for visiting the Property Forum which is an enlargement of the old Property Community website which proved to be so popular among those looking to buy and sell property overseas. You can now access an array of new forums from here which complement the property investment section which has been the foundation of the website for many years. We hope that the ability to talk in general terms about buying properties, selling properties, legal issues and an array of other everyday elements associated with the property industry will give you a wider picture of the overall sector.


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Expat countries compared: what can you get with £1,000,000?

October 18, 2012

In the UK…. For just over £1m (£1,075,000) you can buy this 3-bed duplex apartment overlooking the Thames. It’s got good views, a spacious outdoor terrace, and an open-plan living and dining space, but on the downside the bedrooms seem a little cramped.

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This week’s celebrity houses for sale

October 16, 2012

Several celebrities have recently put their homes on the market – can you guess which home belongs to which celeb? Guess the celebrity home: Property 1 Can you guess which well-known author lives in this house? Some of her most popular books were written while she was living here. This lady and her family moved [...]

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