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World’s Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Enjoyment

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by andrewsmith, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. andrewsmith

    andrewsmith New Member

    Holidays are the time for enjoyment and relaxation. You feel peaceful and cheerful when you are on your vacations. It proffers you a fabulous opportunity to see the world which is full of different colours. It’s truly wonderful to spend time with the people of other nation and get to know their habitual. You may feel as an alien and at the top of the world when you are on your holidays. The whole world is full of life and it’s and amazing experience to go for a world tour but, due to lack of time we cannot visit all the places. So here are the World’s Top 5 Holiday destination for enjoyment and relaxation.

    1) Maldives
    2) Turkey
    3) Melbourne
    4) Cape Town
    5) Dubai
  2. francusc

    francusc New Member

    World's top 5 holiday destinations

    Hi Andrew
    These places are beautiful. However, have you ever been to Malta?
    It's an island in the Mediterranean?
  3. shermanshawn

    shermanshawn New Member

    Re: World’s Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Enjoyment Reply to Thread

    In my opinion these are the top five holiday destinations. They range from tropical destinations to urban destinations.

    1. Malé, The Maldives

    Malé is the capital of the Maldives, it has small population of around 104 000. This would be a great holiday destination for all types of people. Recently there was news in years to come the Maldives might be affected by global warming and be flooded so this is definitely a must visit while I still can.

    2. South Africa

    In South Africa I would love to visit the reserves to see the amazing animals in there natural habitat. There is many animals
    to see like rhinos, lions, zebras, giraffes. This holiday would be really amazing seeing all of South Africa in its glory and the amazing environment there.

    3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai is one of the most fascinating places in the world at the moment. It’s amazing structures are the city’s highlight. It would be an amazing place to visit because of this and the great culture in Dubai.

    4. New York, U.S.A

    Ive always wanted to visit the big apple, see the statue of liberty, I have to visit this place in my lifetime. While I’m there I might visit the central park zoo and see if I can find any of the Madagascar characters. New York would be amazing to see, with all the all the buildings in there glory and the amazing scenery that you would see from a lookout or high spot in the city.

    5. Paris, France

    Paris would be an amazing place to visit with many great place to visit including the Eiffel tower and the Arc De Triumph. I would truly love to visit Paris.

    These places are some of the most amazing in the world. There beauty and elegance is very unique and individual in each place.
  4. zanzibar

    zanzibar New Member

    The maldives can quickly become boring - islands like Zanzibar have the same quality of beaches, clear blue waters and tropical fish but with the added bonus of a wide variety of things to do on the island itself
  5. shoeb

    shoeb New Member

    my first choice is Melbourne twice make my plan but due to some unavoidable reasons last months my parents being there how they told me about Melbourne i m very much excited to go there in this December for new year blast please wish for me to god.
  6. fazerboy

    fazerboy New Member

    Andrew,, i went to turkey last year,never again ,after food poisoning, my missus got non stop hassle, and being ripped off.
    wheres thailand ?i went for 2 months and ended up spending 6 years there ,good beaches,good food ,diving, climate , nightlife , need i say more.
  7. mortagage

    mortagage New Member

    The best places in the world are always subjective. Scandanavia is considered a good place to live for education, health care, human rights, low crime rates and the like.
    Certain cities appeal to different people, the syle of Paris for some, the pace of New York for others.
    While I thought South Africa was beautiful I didn't feel the luxury of complete freedom as I did in somewhere like New Zealand.
    This is an interesting thread though and nice to see where other people consider the nicest place in the world.
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