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Discussion in 'UK Property' started by malachi, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. malachi

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    Hello all
    Wife and 2 young daughters are relocating to Birmingham, UK for 2 years. Looking for suggestion on where to leave in the area. Urban and country locations are both fine. We are relocating from the USA. Any suggestions and sharing of experiences from the area are greatly appreciated.
  2. lane

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    Hey Malachi,
    Birmingham is a big place, so it would really depend on where your work is, to where your looking to live!
    Taking in to consideration how long it takes you to get to work ect...
    And how you will travel to work.
    I was born in B`ham, but I haven?t been there for about 15yrs now and a lot has changed or so my sister told me the other day!
    There are some nice areas in Sutton coldfield and Four Oaks, these both have train stations, that will take you in to New Street station, B`ham.
    Easy to get to work by train and better than driving through the city!
    Hope this is of some help, it will at least give you some idea!
    Good luck.
  3. sha-sl

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    well Birmingham is an place where every one feels to live as this place has got palaces. I would like to advise you that it depends on your requirement you can get an place to stay in this place. You can get as expensive place as well as the place to live with in your budget. This is the place as expensive as london.
  4. Lysos

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    Why do you keep replying to threads that are over 2 years old ???.

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