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A year ago a dollar cost a hell of a lot more to buy than it does today - NOT LESS

The Bolivar has appreciated against the dollar - I know this because I move currency in and out of the country 3 or 4 times a year and profit on the currency swings.

Your posts about Margarita are completely subjective and your tone is very negative - almost bitter.

"And I will say what I like !!" - saying I am here only to make money is completely incorrect as I have told you - you then tell me to p*ss off? For this - I believe you are a waste of space - I dont come on here to insult or be insulted.

Please buy a box of tissues to wipe away the bile you are spitting - be objective and useful in your posts or just dont bother.

And I am now absolutely positive you lost money in Margarita ....
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